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Breaking the Fever

With Ophelia Dahl just back from Liberia and Sierra Leone, Jeffrey Sachs, the economist and poverty guru, and Dr. Jim Cunningham, the virus detective, we’re reckoning with Ebola, still the world's biggest story. We're looking for long-term cures that will outlast this feverish moment in American media.

Is Capitalism Working?

Casey Stengel raised the question about baseball’s miserable Mets long ago: anybody here know how to play this game? It’s the question more and more of us ask about economists and some of them ask about one another.

Big Data: Who Are We On The Web?

On a corporatized Web, we’re often the sum of our all data — packaged and sold to data brokers for pennies. But the dream of the Internet was that we would be the producers, not the product: participants in a conversation outside of the force of gravity of moneyed media.

Hacking Climate Change

Can we hack our way toward solutions for climate change? While governments dither, Congress negates and the world warms, how about deploying private finance, atmospheric chemistry and every kind of ingenuity to tackle the problem that’s too big to solve?


Kevin Young
April 5, 2012

Kevin Young : “Dark Matter” in the...

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with Kevin Young (55 min, 25 meg) Kevin Young is ad-libbing with us a sort of inventory of voices inside one young African-American poet’s head — a sampling of ...
August 9, 2011

The Fisherfolk of Karachi: a Parable of...

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with Mohammed Ali Shah (16 minutes, 8 mb mp3) Mohammad Ali Shah, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum KARACHI — We are taking the fishermen’s measure of Pakistan’s distress here in a ...
January 16, 2014

The Rise of Modern Medicine

In the annals of Boston medicine two historic chapters in the last 50 years were the near conquest of sudden death by heart attack and (not unrelated) the rise of corporate, cathedral hospitals around the practice of heroic scientific medicine...
March 8, 2011

Anthony Burgess: Language as Music, and Vice...

Paul Phillips is leading us here in a long digression — a step into yet another alternate universe of the odd genius who wrote A Clockwork Orange. Anthony Burgess thought his famous tale (and movie!) ...
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Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011
Evan Osnos says China is in its own gilded age — and headed into a second generation of ultra-modern tech, a still-developing country bristling with billionaires. We're wondering: how a country with nearly a century of ... | Hear More
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