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Is Capitalism Working?

Casey Stengel raised the question about baseball’s miserable Mets long ago: anybody here know how to play this game? It’s the question more and more of us ask about economists and some of them ask about one another.

Big Data: Who Are We On The Web?

On a corporatized Web, we’re often the sum of our all data — packaged and sold to data brokers for pennies. But the dream of the Internet was that we would be the producers, not the product: participants in a conversation outside of the force of gravity of moneyed media.

Hacking Climate Change

Can we hack our way toward solutions for climate change? While governments dither, Congress negates and the world warms, how about deploying private finance, atmospheric chemistry and every kind of ingenuity to tackle the problem that’s too big to solve?

America’s War of Ideas

In the run up to another war in the Middle East, after stalemate in Afghanistan and Iraq, what is it in the American DNA that makes us think it it will be different the next time? What is the story we continually tell ourselves about our indispensable nation that seems to cloud the facts on the ground?


October 23, 2014
Breaking the Fever
October 6, 2014
Sounding the Sea
Camp David Summit
October 5, 2014
Give Peace a Chance

December 25, 2007

At Home with Harold Bloom: (1) on...

Professor Bloom asked me to ask him about what is coming to feel like an "obsession" with Walt Whitman. I asked him also to cross over into music, politics and sports. And then we agreed to keep digressing as the...
November 26, 2007

Pakistan 2.0

Click to listen to Chris’s conversation with Sabahat Ashraf (35 minutes, 17 MB MP3) Pakistan is different, as you remember. Usually, we speak of a country having an army. In Pakistan, it is said, the ...
June 2, 2005

Jeffrey Sachs on Kenya

Sachs has got the whole developing world in his ken, but we’re going to start small… assuming that a country with over 31 million people composed of over 70 different tribal groups can be considered ...
December 17, 2007

Speaking of Music: Alex Ross’s 20th Century

However we listen to the twentieth century, the links as well as the tensions and the often grisly politics are endlessly absorbing. And Alex Ross, the New Yorker's music critic and star blogger, is brilliant at the many jobs involved...
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Helen Oyeyemi
She reads from "Boy, Snow, Bird", offers a little autobiography, and cooks up a fairy tale with Chris. | Hear More
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