JFK & JPK close
June 4, 2013

JFK & his Papa: David Nasaw’s light...

David Nasaw’s smashing biography of The Patriarch: Joseph P. Kennedy smashes not least the legend of a giant gap between cranky father and radiant presidential son. JFK himself gave some substance and flavor to the ...| More
Pankaj Misrah
October 7, 2012

Pankaj Mishra: Briefing our “Foreign Policy” Debate

  “What a disaster! What an affliction! What kind of a situation is this? …England has occupied Egypt, the Sudan, and the great Indian Peninsula which are large parts of the Islamic states; the French ...| More
Eric Hobsbawm
October 1, 2012

Eric Hobsbawm, 1917 – 2012: In Memoriam

It’s a privilege at Eric Hobsbawm’s death this morning to share again the lively sound of his wondrously learned, penetrating mind. Five years ago, in his book-stuffed living-room in London, the 90-year-old author of historical ...| More
September 8, 2012

Ralph Nader: One Citizen’s View from Winsted,...

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with Ralph Nader (55 min, 31 meg) Mary McGrath photo Ralph Nader on Main Street can still see the flatbed trucks hauling textile machinery out of his hometown in ...| More
August 15, 2012

Jackson Lears: Too Scary to Talk About

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with Jackson Lears (30 min, 16 meg) Jackson Lears, the American cultural historian at Rutgers, is touching on themes somewhere below the waves of our 2012 campaign: the blotted ...| More
August 2, 2012

Dan Rodgers’ Age of Fracture : A...

Daniel Rodgers, the Princeton historian, and his Age of Fracture put a striking new frame around our nagging Tony Judt question: "How Fares the Land?" No, he's telling me, you're not crazy: the country changed! Profoundly. But the break came...| More
hayes by maddow
July 11, 2012

Chris Hayes: Smart Guy against the “Smart...

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with Chris Hayes (50 min, 26 meg) Part of what makes the strange disorienting nature of our time is that the old institutions have been discredited but remain in ...| More
June 13, 2012

Jacob Hacker: for 35 years of Progressive...

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with David Bromwich (32 min, 15 meg) Jacob Hacker, Yale’s bright light on American politics and co-author of Winner-Take-All Politics, is giving us a baseline on the election-year landscape: ...| More
June 7, 2012

David Bromwich on The Emperor’s New Language

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with David Bromwich (32 min, 15 meg) Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with David Bromwich (32 min, 15 meg) David Bromwich is locating our 2012 distress in our ...| More
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