Levitan portrait of Chekhov
May 29, 2014

Chekhov’s World, In Pictures

Chekhov’s World, In Pictures

By Max Larkin

In his stories Chekhov captured, with an almost photographic talent and simplicity, the look of a country at the end of the day. But he died five years before Sergei Prokhudin-Gorkii took his prototype color film camera around Russia. He must have learned to see from the painters around him — his closest friend Isaac Levitan and his brother Nikolai. Below, a view into that beautiful old Russia, with Levitan’s portrait of a young Chekhov, a view of his desk at Melikhovo, and a few of Prokhudin-Gorkii’s most Chekhovian subjects.

When I listen to “About Love” from our series, I think of Chekhov’s lonely heroes and heroines who thought of the people a hundred years later whom, they hoped, would contemplate their lives with love and forgiveness.

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