Coincidence? Megan Marshall wins Pulitzer for Margaret Fuller Biography

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Margaret_FullerA big Open Source shout-out to Megan Marshall, who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize this week for her biography of Margaret Fuller. Megan was on our recent show, The Transcendentalists Are Coming, drawing out the profile of this interesting woman among the more famous men of Concord: a radical thinker, a proto-feminist. As a writer and journalist, Fuller anticipated Simone de Beauvoir and the struggles of the womens’ movement. She was leaning in on the ideas of self reliance and environmentalism before even Emerson and Thoreau, and then she left the manse, took leave of  the Great Men and hit the road, traveling to Italy and covering the revolution there, and then falling in love, having a child out of wedlock, and becoming a working mother. She’s a model for the ages.




  • Ley Westcott

    This was a very fine show/discussion on the Transcendentalists, principal among them Emerson, Thoreau – and Whitman in his incomparably democratic poetry of/for Everyman – but Megan Marshall was such a fine illuminating voice on the formidable Margaret Fuller, equally remarkable as those prominent men. All the more remarkable that Fuller lived such a uniquely full life – both intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically and politically – perhaps eclipsing the aforementioned remarkable men in the fullness/completeness of that life. Megan Marshall made that life palpably clear and vibrant in the telling, providing admirable counterpoint to our hyperfocal focus on male accomplishment in “history.” History, as it happens, is truly “herstory” as well , and we can only all be enriched by the telling. Megan Marshall is cause for celebration in that telling, in the inclusiveness both of the men and that remarkable woman who envisioned, through imagination and scope of recognition, a deeper, more expansive vision to being truly human. An inspiring look backward – and forward – in the life of the transcendental spirit in American and all human life — now a part of the flow of time that is “ourstory.” Congratulations, Megan!