May 29, 2014

From Andre to Anton: The Writer’s Writer

From Andre to Anton: The Writer’s Writer

Our Twitter experiment this week came from Sonia Chung’s wonderful essay, “I Heart Chekhov“, from The Millions. We wanted to design some postcards. We used what Nabokov considered to be Chekhov’s chosen color register, “a tint between the color of an old fence and that of a low cloud.” Here are testimonials — all loving, we left Hemingway out — dug up from around the literary archive.

  • CWT_Cornel-West
  • CWT_Andre-Dubus-01
  • CWT_Sonya-Chung-01
  • CWT_Tennessee-Williams
  • CWT_Flannery-OConnor
  • CWT_Virginia-Woolf
  • CWT_Thanks

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