May 31, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday to Us

Happy Belated Birthday to Us

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Katherine and I looked back over our complete list of shows this afternoon — compiled in the embarrassingly closed-source medium of a spiral notebook — and realized that we produced our first show, Web 2.0, exactly one year ago yesterday. Dave Winer and David Weinberger came to the studio, after which we had champagne together and ate bar food at the Sports Depot out by the highway.

Then we got to work.

In a year we’ve produced 200 shows; we’re now on 36 public radio stations — including New York City — and roughly 7,000 people subscribe to our podcast. The site gets over 11,000 visits a day and we’ve built an active, registered community (that’s you) of 3,000 listeners from 26 countries including Cyprus, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

We sent out an email this weekend — sadly, our first ever — and got back about fifty responses. Here are some of our favorites.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who makes this program possible, I look forward to it every day and Mr. Lydon is perhaps my favorite on air personality.

Please keep pushing us all to think and be involved in the important issues of the world today. Oh, and have fun, too. My husband got a hand tailored suit after you featured one of your tailors.

Referring to this show.

cheers to you and your incredible crew at Open Source . . . This technology and what you are accomplishing are simply amazing!

The incredible crew thanks you and, as Chris just pointed out, we have exactly one year before we can be this self-referential again. Back to work.

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  • Potter

    Yes, a very Happy Birthday ROS and thank you Chris, Mary and everyone who watches yellow street cleaners,for a year of inspired and inspiring programs, at times creative but always emanating goodness. May you continue to do good work, work that is not measured in the least, for me anyway by the numbers, but by the quality of your ideas, your sharp questions, the guests, and the comments.

  • mdhatter

    Here’s to many more!

  • Jon

    Happy Birthday, ROS gang! It’s been a spectacular year, with incredible breadth and depth. And if I’m any measure, it’s changing lives. Hey, I bought my first MP3 player just to be able to listen to this show (since podcasts must suffice in regions of this country still not sufficiently enlightened to carry the show on-air). And I went from never having heard of the Dresden Dolls before your broadcast to becoming enough of a fan even to attend one of their concerts when they came to town (I was among the older contingent there, but proud of it!). And on a more serious level, there is no doubt that my understanding of a great many important and fascinating questions of the day has been profoundly deepened, thanks to your superb programs. Please have Harold Bloom on again–there was great poignancy to this program. But also do some more experimenting in live radio–such as you did with the Michael Brown show, which was so imaginative. Let’s see what it means for ROS to enter the terrible two’s! Happy Birthday, and many, many more to come.

  • A very happy birthday to you, ROS! Your fine style and the breadth of your coverage have been a real inspiration to me.

  • joncahill

    Many happy returns ROS! From the boy’s bus at the NYT to The 10 O’Clock News to Lydon & Co. to a mayoral campaign to The C********* to ROS, it’s been fun to watch from a safe distance! My best to one of the few truly fearless journalists out there.

    Just keep movin’ towards the truth my man! The path makes itself known…

  • joel

    Cheers, you guys! From an old seaman/curmudgeon.

  • zeke

    I want to add my “birthday” wishes. It has been an exciting year and every day I look forward to listening to the MP3 of the broadcast. I have found that often the shows I least expected to find interesting proved to be the most provocative: Dresden Dolls, convergences, some of the “passion” shows, etc. I’m sure others would list a different set of surprisingly mind-opening shows. Also, unlike other public radio shows, ROS is special in that you don’t serve as a vehicle for authors to simply flog their latest work; instead you dig deep into issues and challenge participants when they appear. Many happy returns and many more.

  • Margie

    Happy Birthday from Morbecque France!

    I’m pleased to be one of the faithful 7,000 – being a podcast listener is an incredible new adventure – and I listen to this show at least once a week – wherever I want it!

  • I find it very interesting that there have been so many people have mentioned the Dresden Dolls show. I must say that it was very important to me too, and made me a fan. Your show is wonderful, and I think the way your are evolving the show is amazing. Goodluck.