Harold Bloom: “Emerson Speaks to Me”

harold bloomRalph Waldo Emerson’s immortality in American poetry and prose has never been in doubt. In his philosophy of self reliance, the “American Plato,” it is said, invented the American mind, and maybe the American religion in this nation of sturdy believers. The keeper of the literary canon, Harold Bloom, calls Emerson a “living presence in our lives today.”

This podcast is a short excerpt from Emerson Redux, a full hour show on Ralph Waldo Emerson created in 2006.


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  • Dear Chris,
    I remember listening to this show 8 years ago while working with the Peace Corps as an English teacher in Uzbekistan. I was already an enthusiast of Bloom but after listening to your show I became a fan of yours as well. I can’t imagine a better pairing for Old Uncle Bloomstaff than yourself. I’m hoping this rerun is only a prelude of things to come. There are reportedly two projects in the works by Bloom. One a book on American literature and the other a stage play on Walt Whitman! Let it come to pass.