April 23, 2007

Mary's Notes, April 23, 2007

Mary's Notes, April 23, 2007

We’re basking in Red Sox Nation glee today.

To celebrate, we’re doing back to back to back to back shows this week. Four in a row. Consecutively. In case you were under a rock, last night the Sox pounded lefthanded Yankee rookie Chase Wright with four consecutive home runs to win the game 7-6 and sweep the three game series at Fenway. That’s back to back to back to back homers.

RIP Boris Yeltsin. We’re remembering another Soviet rock star tonight, Leon Theremin.

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  • nother

    And against the Bronx “Bombers,” no less.

    I watched all ten pitches and when the captain hit that impossible dream of a shot, a ten second state of delirium erupted throughout New England. I mean I was high fiveing strangers!

    And then Torre brings in Pettitte in relief…we’re talk’n playoff fever in April!

    This rivalry is beginning to transcend baseball.

    I’m trying to decide my favorite moment of the series. Was it Pedroia defying his critics and making that game saving stab last night, or Okijima (a man the critics hadn’t even heard of) steps out of the rising sun to save the first game?

    Or maybe it was the climax of the last at bat of the series…the corn bred fed Texan, a humble and fierce boy/man, against the chiseled wonder of A rod; the only man who can look better and produce more than his computer generated alter ego.

    Paps proved that the messy grit and determination of Boston, trumps the refined talent and flash of New York – when it counts!

  • nother

    Actually his name is Okajima. I gotta get used to this, times have changed…the names don’t all ring like Stanley and Lee anymore!

  • Good freakin’ Lord, I had an easier time watching RedSoxYankees this weekend than I did watching the train wreck of the Mariners. ESPN aired all three games (in addition to the Yankees game today). Good lord, there are like dozens of other major league baseball teams.

    East coast bias:

    This rivalry is beginning to transcend baseball.

    Good for Torre ruining a starter in April. We’ll see you (or someone will see you rather) in October.

  • bft

    The “ts” is actually a single letter in the Cyrillic alphabet: Y-e-l-ts-i-n. It also appears in “ts-a-r”.

    It gets worse. There’s another letter that’s transliterated “shch”, as in Kh-r-u-shch-e-v.

    We miss ’em!