April 5, 2007

Mary's Notes, April 5, 2007

Mary's Notes, April 5, 2007

Chris is deep into preparing for the Sonny Rollins show. He says the DOV (definition of victory) is to get him into a solo, expressive, relaxed, intense conversation about music. The New York Times jazz writer Ben Ratliff wrote that at his concerts, Rollins often needs half an hour or more to achieve his momentum and to say what he wants on the horn. I wonder if it’s the same with interviews. Ben Ratliff also said Rollins has an aversion to listening to his own music; he’s such a perfectionist that he says it’s “like Abu Ghraib” for him. We’re hoping he’ll want to listen to at least some of his own music. We have a playlist ready (David promises to post it after the show); but only the shadow knows what will happen.

Chelsea has booked a show on neruolaw for Monday and Robin is working on Anthropomorphism for next Thursday. Katherine is boning up on killogy for a show on how people learn to kill and how they deal with the aftermath.

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  • tbrucia

    Music itself is an interesting phenomenon. It is fascinating that some folks are so ‘into it’, that others can ‘take it or leave it’, and that yet others detest its intrusive ubiquity. Even more interesting is that each of these three groups seem unaware of each others’ existence. Fascinating that Rollins ‘has an aversion to listening to his own music’ inasmuch as some folks (including me) feel the same way about listening to our own voices — and for the same reason. And I wonder how many people (including me) found taking music lessons sheer agony simply because the sounds coming out of our instruments were so incredibly ugly, discordant, and repulsive.