May 24, 2007

Mary's Notes, May 24, 2007

Mary's Notes, May 24, 2007

Have you heard about the new Sox craze at Fenway Park? Hot-as-a-pistol pitcher Dice-K has turned his teammates on to five-toed socks with rubbery beads on the bottom. He says they help with traction and balance. We’re trying to score some, and we’ll let you know if they help our footwork around here.

Sam reports that last night’s show on libraries surfaced some new names and faces on the site. We wonder endlessly around here what makes a successful radio show and a successful comment thread and what types of programs and subjects invite new people in. Potter said the comments on the website were better than this week’s show with Chrisopher Hitchens, for example.

Monday is a day of R&R for the ROS staff. David and Chris have produced an excellent show on the turn-of-the-century philosopher, psychologist and religion seeker William James for your listening pleasure.

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  • Funny, one of my community members sent me a link to an article about the 5-toed socks, suggesting that I write a knitting pattern for them. Never thought there would be a link between my business and a professional sports team, but there you have it!

    I’d love to know where the rubbery beads can be had…..

  • Potter

    There was plenty of criticism about the Hitchens show and the Varieties of Faith and Reason show. I was hoping for some reponse to that criticism- or perhaps a post-game analysis that also addressed that criticism.

    Religion hits emotions. We are attracted to existential subjects like moths to a flame. So when you give us enough time to develop- and we had to hurry for the Hitchens show but we did -the denizens rally. It’s serendipity or chemistry and Hitchen has been making waves elsewhere enough to get us started.

    You have had several very successful shows that have not got much comment. I am bleary now but Donal Fox, Ismael Beah, come to mind. I was surprised that I enjoyed the Theremin show having been totally uininterested in the warm-up except to offer my soldering iron.. I appreciated tonight’s show btw, Baum’s view of where New Orleans today; the hope and the despair. Those shows you would not expect to have a lot of comment.

    I wish I could find the quote ( early on) where you indicated your idea of success which was very modest.

  • I agree with Potter that some shows are great for listening and not necessarily for posting. It doesn’t make them less quality. I can see that it would difficult for you to know that the show felt successful to listeners, though.

    Perhaps, as you develop the new site, it could include a way for listeners/bloggers to just tic off that they listened and give it a thumbs up or down without commentary. A quick and easy way to let you know you’re not alone out there. (And to let funders know that your audience is alive and well, even if the blog is cocooning for a spell.

  • I loved the Theremin Show too. Some of the shows I enjoy the most are on topics I am unfamiliar with and so do not comment on but appreciate learning about. I don’t know much about William James so look forward to that show. Hitchens on the other hand was a lightning rod for what seems to be one of our collective favorite subjects, one I enjoy hashing out as much as anyone.