June 29, 2006

Extra Listening on Israel and Guantanamo

Extra Listening on Israel and Guantanamo

Today the Supreme Court has blocked Guantanamo military tribunals, condemning the Bush Administration’s detention policy. We discussed the future of the prison in March on A Guantanamo Exit Strategy, and in May we considered the interpretation of presidential power on The White House Lawyers.

The Israeli army has occupied parts of Gaza, arresting Palestinian members of parliament, and knocking out bridges and power plants in an effort to recover a soldier held hostage. We covered the election of Hamas, and then asked what would happen now that Israel is face-to-face with Hamas.

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  • smithfieldjim

    I just looked at a site called freedom-to-tinker.com, a blog run by Ed Felten and Alex Halderman since 2002, that has some interesting discussion and comments about eavesdropping, wiretapping, and legal regulation of technology. They sound like 2 guys I’d like to hear on Open Source talking about anything that interests them. Their site was recommend in the e-newsletter, Neat New Stuff I Found This Week, published by Marylaine Block for librarians and the like. A 3-way free-for-all between her, Felten and Halderman moderated by Mr Lydon could open up a variety of topics.

  • David Weinstein

    Please see my suggestion in the July area for the necessity of a negotiated, compromised solution to the Israel/Palestinian problem, as well as hosting Yossi Belin and presdeint Abas.