February 23, 2007

Open Source Shindig

Open Source Shindig

Open Source Crowd

The atmosphere was electric! [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

Wine was drunk, ideas were exchanged, and a good time was had by all at the Open Source festivities on Thursday. We packed in a great crowd, including longtime community-members, Open Source staff, IMA conference folks, and a few passers-by who just wanted to sit down on our couches. Here are some pictures to prove it; please excuse the red-eye. You can see even more pics here. Should we do this every night?

Katherine and Friends

Katherine and some folks from WUSF in Florida [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

Julia and Friends

Julia, and the back of Nicky McCatty‘s head [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

Chris et al

Brendan, Chris, and Mary [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

Robin and Friend

Robin and Daniel Ash from WBEZ [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

Kate McShane et al

Chelsea, Greta, and Kate McShane [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

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  • Bah. I like living in fly-over country (and I’ll miss it when I leave) but it does have it’s down sides.

  • mynocturama

    Once again, on the outside looking in. It’s like high school all over again. This time, though, geography’s the problem, not painful awkwardness. Well, actually, that too.

  • I live nearby and wanted very much to come in, but I had already been assigned child-care duties for the night. Do it again, please!

  • katemcshane

    I have to tell you, I usually avoid parties like the plague, but this was great. And I swear I’m not just saying this — all of you were exceptionally nice. I hope you do this again. Thanks a lot.

  • Ditto, Kate. I was just telling the folks in my Saturday night Circle that I usually find myself uncomfortably standing around waiting for the torture to end. I had a lovely evening. Loved meeting kate and Paul. The energy in the room was enjoyable and everyone was warm – even the PRI and BBC folks who were likely only indulging me. I, too, look forward to more. Maybe some book signings? Or live blogging session – where we gather and blog together while Chris riffs off our entry with a humorous guest.. Other ideas, gang……

  • ROS could record some shows live in an auditorium, where questions from the audience could join those from the blog. Afterwards people could mingle, buy books, join political campaigns, sign petitions, storm baricades, or whatever else might match up thematically with the show.

  • I was aked quite a few times that night, “Why ROS?” As in, why do I participate or even care? It could be interesting to have a gathering where the listeners/bloggers are interviewed and then do a show around that. (Not to mention the helpful testimonials that might come out of it!)

    I know that some of us could write about it and that would be great. But, the energy created by having people together talking about it could generate something more powerful. And help us to see if there are more things we want to do together.