November 7, 2006

Our Malkovich Moment

Our Malkovich Moment

Election Night

Hidden in the picture is a producer for ANOTHER COMPETING PUBLIC RADIO SHOW. Can you find her? [Brendan Greeley]

Five producers for a blog-based public radio show, watching CNN’s coverage of bloggers at a party watching CNN’s blog coverage of the election and blogging about it.

And then the producers decided to blog about the watching of the blog coverage of bloggers blogging. Also, David made really, really good guacamole, and we’ve been discussing the right way to pronounce “Spaten.” While drinking Spaten.

What are you doing on election night?

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  • I just blogged about Bill Richardson winning in New Mexico, watching CNN and local public tv, several other websites with results and commenting on a blog post about bloggers watching CNN’s coverage of bloggers at a party watching CNN’s blog coverage of the election.

    I’m only sad Prop 89 in California is going down so badly.

  • pfirsch

    Spaten is pronounced “SCHPAH-ten.” We spent election night trying to find results on CNN. My boyfriend was more excited about the whole process than I was. This morning, he actually told me, “We took the house!” This was hilarious because I’m an independent and as a non-US citizen, he can’t vote.

  • We had pie, and red white and blue napkins and a really complex board system for tracking the close races with post-it-notes and thermometer diagrams. I wound up going home to bed before any scales had properly tipped.

  • huff

    Direct quote from my girlfriend:

    “It’s not normal for ANYONE to be this interested in politics!!!”

  • Sutter

    My wife and I watched CNN, cycled between DailyKos, MyDD,, Washington Monthly Online, National Review Online, and and did a lot of cross-multiplication to using the already-reported Virginia results to figure out how the remaining precincts were likely to vote.

    We have a bottle of champagne that has been sitting in our fridge since I (ill-advisedly) placed it there on the afternoon of Election Day 2004 (darned exit polls). I had hoped to open it, but the Webb/Allen race dragged on so late, and I was so superstitious, that I didn’t get to do so before going to sleep. It still sits there. Maybe soon.

  • Old Nick

    Pop that cork, Sutter!

  • Sutter

    Tonight, Old Nick!