April 20, 2007

Public Radio Talent Quest

Public Radio Talent Quest

The Public Radio Talent Quest

Thanks to our friend Jake over at PRX, I spent far too long today clicking through Public Radio Talent Quest submissions. I’m giving you the link, but be forwarned: it’s dangerously addictive.

If you’ve missed the recent slew of publicity, Talent Quest is a nationwide search for the next generation of public radio hosts, and they’re having open auditions now. Contestants can submit a 2-minute audio demo of talk, entertainment, or music programming for their shot at $10,000 and the opportunity to produce a pilot show. If you’re a public radio revolutionary, this is your chance to go from podcaster to communicaster.

My favorite demo so far is Robert Kraft‘s, though it hardly seems fair since he’s got such a foot in the door already — he’s the President of Music for Fox. I’m still fishing for young upstarts to root for. Bicyclemark, I’m looking at you.

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  • Thanks for the tip Greta! I made one for the fun of it:


    Reading an excerpt from a recent essay titled: Six (6) Compelling Reasons Why the Tacoma News Tribune Should Hire Me as Full-Time Editorial Cartoonist

  • Oh.. talent searches, open contests, and competitions.. the bane of most of my childhood… But youre right… how could I not throw my cap in.

  • SmartWoman

    I too found this talent quest enticing so here is my entry “Too Sexy for the Bus?” by SmartWoman:


    Maybe I can be one of the fresh upstarts you can get behind… I would love the support and the votes. The website for the quest really can suck you in easily….fun and addictive. 🙂 Thanks for the forum to tell people about it!