Rebroadcast: Race and Class

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Open Source is off this week, so we’re re-broadcasting five shows we developed last year the month after Katrina hit as part of an ongoing series on race and class. Tonight the first in the series, Rethinking Race and Class.

From Chris’s original billboard:

The evangelist Bishop T. D. Jakes, with President and Mrs. Bush at the National Cathedral last week, said we’re a country “that overlooks the poor and the suffering and continues past the ghetto on our way to the Mardi Gras,?? and he wasn’t speaking just of New Orleans. We’re a country that dabbles now and then in a “race conversation,?? as Bill Clinton called his, but we tend to recoil from hard evidence of inequality, like the 6-year gap in life expectancy between black and white America, or the infant mortality among blacks that’s double the rate among whites. Or else the talk gets stuck in old grooves about Big Government and cultures of poverty, and then we tune out until a shock like Katrina shows us, day after day on television, the stark class and color lines that run through all the good and bad news about our country. But suppose the wake up call worked, and we kept our eyes, ears and minds open to new insight, even new action.

Chris Lydon, Open Source, September 19, 2005

See you after Labor Day!

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  • PietVA

    John McWhorter made me angry enough to be livid.

    Okay, I think we have, or maybe HAD made progress in tempering and sometimes eliminating racism, but to accuse the “Left wing” of expanding Welfare in order to DELIBERATELY BANKRUPT THE GOVERNMENT is an outright lie!

    That is actually more likely to be the reason behind the Right’s current tactic of privatizing good public schools with for-profit schools that are no better, and sometimes demonstrably WORSE, a “drugged” plan that is a boon to pharmaceutical companies who needn’t worry about competitive pricing since asking for the best deal is now illegal, cutting taxes for the well-to-do only, and creating a bogeyman war in Iraq to line the Halliburton pockets of the Vice President in order to bankrupt the nation, financially as well as morally. At the rate of $63 Billion a month.

    I really believe racism was really always a version of classism, and sometimes claiming skin color was significant was the only way to ignore the depravity of white trash and their corrupt masters.