May 7, 2007

Schedule Change

Schedule Change

We’re having technical problems. We’re broadcasting baseball now, which was originally scheduled to air tomorrow. Later this evening we will record our show with Ishmael Beah, which you can hear tomorrow.

Apologies for this change.

Update, 5/8 8:35am

Dave here. In the interest of transparency, our “technical problem” last night was that, while we had two studios, two engineers, two producers, two mics, and a host, we didn’t have a guest. Ishmael Beah had subway problems and didn’t arrive at the New York studio until quarter after seven. By that point we were well into the baseball rerun.

The good news is that Beah was amazing, and you can hear him tonight.

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  • RobertPeel

    I am looking forward to listening to him. The baseball show was great and timely!

  • marlene pollock

    There is a burgeoning grassroots movement in southeastern Mass. and your show should cover it. Operating under the radar screen, without a lot of fanfare, people are organizing politically to get legislation passed to help struggling families. The Bush/16 years of Republican governors rule have hurt many people, and the Coalition Against Poverty/Coalition for Social Justice have been in the forefront of the fightback. Fresh from several important victories on the minimum wage and health care, the Coalitions are currently organizing around CORI reform and the parameters of the new health care packages. This work epitomizes the belief that many people know that something is wrong, but they don’t know how to fight back. The Coalitions provide effective leadership and often get their goals met. A well respected force in Brockton, Fall River, New Bedford, Taunton, and the Cape, the Coalitions have been able to bring like-minded people together in effective campaigns. We’d be glad to talk about it. Thanks.