April 19, 2006

Seattle Meetup, May 7

Seattle Meetup, May 7

Seattle meetup map

Nikos, babu and peggysue will meet at the Rosario Strait (see the whole map).

For the last week I have been reading details in small print of the search for the Northwest Passage, and of Vancouver’s armed tender “Chatham,” and of Captain Robert Gray — like us out of Boston — the first American to stand on what is now Washington. This from the fine print at the bottom of a map looking North from the Olympic Mountains across Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan De Fuca to Mount Baker, which the map tells me is 10,778 feet tall.

Were it not completely clouded over, I might even be able to se a strip of Canada beyond.

The map arrived at the office in a cardboard tube last week from babu. I promptly claimed it for my own and tacked it over my desk. Applied to the map in red printed stickers is a series of trails and legends, describing how babu and Nikos are going to meet peggysue at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal. A Vespa will be employed.

The short version: babu has planned an Open Source Seattle-area meetup. You too are invited.

Open Source Meetup Anacortes, WA

Sunday, May 7, 2006, 2:00 PM

Gere-a-Deli Delicatessen

502 Commercial Avenue

Anacortes, WA 98221

(360) 293-7383

Babu writes that it will be her bithday, a big one. Everyone is invited. We want pictures.

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  • babu

    Big thank you to Northwest artist Dick Pargeter for permission to use his well-loved aerial map of Puget Sound country.

    A regional treasure, here’s more of his work:



  • Nikos

    1. babu, that is one gorgeous map.

    2. The comprehensive inanity of the new Washington State tourism slogan – ‘Say WA?’ – only confirms my suspicion that Northwesterners prefer to keep their naturally stupendous lands shrouded in dispiriting talk of rain, rain, rain, and every other conceivable discouragement.


    Despite their protestations to the contrary, they don’t actually want anyone to visit the place. (Which suits me, a newcomer, fine – but that doesn’t get you off the hook, Brendan. We’ll see you soon!)

    3. Mount Baker is stunning, and I get to see it every day — well, every day it’s not overcast, anyway.

    4. Who’s joining us? I need to know in advance to plot which family vehicle to commandeer.

  • babu


    Right now the invite just steers people to Gere-a-Deli in Anacortes at 2 pm.

    You’d have to explain that the two of us are car-pooling from Port Townsend on the 11:15 ferry to Keystone. This is not exactly the direct route from Seattle or points east and north. But it would be fun if others kept me company on the oh so scenic route across Agate Pass and the Hood Canal and then we COULD all meet up in Port Townsend.

    Cheesechowmein? Oceanconcepts? NineInchNachos? Thermos? emmettoconnell? Scarequotes? jboylan? jmartenstein? bookgirl? bixgomez?

  • I’m just studying the ferry schedule. I’m to arrive in Anacortes 12:15 correct? (I know I wrote it down somewhere) The next is 2:45 and comes from Victoria so I’d have to go through customs. I’d prefer to avoid that one.

    Babu I don’t think I can get to Port Townsend for a day trip. It would be 2 ferry rides and a streach of road without a car each way. Though I agree PT is very charming.

    It is slightly misleading to call this a Seattle Meet-Up – Seattle is to Friday Harbor as Boston is to some little Island in Maine.

  • babu

    PS: We know you can’t get to Port Townsend. I’m still planning to meet Nikos at 10:30 at the Port Townsend ferry dock and ride over to Whidbey on the 11:15 and up up to Anacortes to pick you up. If there aren’t any big unknowns, we should be there by 12:30 to 1 pm. Then we mosey back downtown to see who else shows up. Fingers crossed!

    See ya both soon. Nikos, I’ll forward you my cell phone #.

  • Nikos

    babu: good, cuz I still don’t know for sure which is your email address! Can you clarify this in your cell-forward? Thanks!

  • Nikos

    Hey all:

    I’ve a fast developing family problem that may spill over into Sunday.

    I hate to do this so late in the game, but can we begin to consider our rain-date options?