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Radio Open Source — on public radio and the Internet — is an open, independent, not-for-profit project in “American conversation with global attitude,” as we call it.  It is the invention of journalists Christopher Lydon and Mary McGrath, who own the contents and manage this site.  Open Source represents by now nearly 20 years of the Lydon-McGrath collaboration with a far-flung network of loyal enthusiasts in an interactive discourse about arts, books, ideas and politics.

Tax-deductible contributions to Open Source go toward expanding the leanest little operation in home-grown non-commercial media.  Help us grow the network, please, with comments, contributions and ideas. Thank you!

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  • Richard Duffy

    Great news indeed!

    I just donated $20–a minor amount in modern terms, but it’s what I can manage for now. If the bulk of Radio Open Source fans did the same, the aggregate effect could be quite noticeable. So c’mon folks out there; it will be so wonderful and interesting to have Christopher Lydon’s unique perspective gracing the airwaves again regularly. Talk radio lately has been in great need of more attention to off-the-beaten-path kinds of topics done in more depth. This endeavor is very promising.

    Thank you.

  • John Cowl

    I was so disappointed when Christopher Lydon seemingly evaporated into thin air some years ago. I can’t properly express my delight in having re-join the WBUR family. While I don’t know what happened last time, I look forward to an extended future role for the extraordinary energy, intelligence, and insights that I am sure Mr. Lydon will bring to Radio Open Source in the years to come.

  • Bob Weaver

    It is a delight to have your voice again on WBUR with the energy and plain good sense that you have always shared with us. Congratulations to you, Mary and the staff. It’s good to have you bringing us again into this vital conversation! Bob and Anne

  • Mauve

    We appreciate WBUR programming for putting Chris Lyden back on air

  • Potter

    Thank you for what you do! Happy New Year 2015 and Best Wishes.