October 31, 2006

Tennessee Senate Tension

Tennessee Senate Tension

From new intern John La Rue:

Since we took a look at Tennessee in a show two weeks ago, the race has grown a little more confrontational. Incumbent Senator Bob Corker (R) and Congressman Harold Ford Jr. (D) each called the other’s latest maneuvers “desperate”; and with the latest polls setting the race as a dead heat, they’re possibly both right.

The tension last week stemmed from two ads attacking Ford. The first ad, funded by Corker, openly attacks Ford’s family, suggesting that Tennessee politics is a Ford family business. Corker had previously local news.

Meanwhile, a new ad — ostensibly just funny — by the RNC has raised accusations of racism from Ford and the NAACP. In the ad, several different characters make tongue-in-cheek statements about why they “support” Ford. One character is a blond, white woman who says she met Ford at a Playboy party. Filmed from her bare shoulders up, the woman appears to be wearing nothing but a gold necklace with a Playboy bunny pendant. As the ad closes, the woman whispers “Harold, call me.”

Is the ad racist? That depends. The ad conjures up the image of a black man with a white woman; from there on, everything hinges on the viewer’s reaction. Some blogs don’t see anything racist about the ad, while others anticipate that “History Will Show that Republicans Played Race Card.”

Corker has asked for the ad to be pulled, calling it “tacky, over the top and is not reflective of the kind of campaign we are running.” The RNC, thus far, stands by the ad.

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  • howardpark

    FYI – one of the people behind the now-infamous Corker ad, Terry Nelson, is also working for John McCain, in particular McCain’s PAC. Nelson’s bio is at: http://www.crosslinkstrategy.com/crosslink_contents/about/nelson.shtml

  • What I find interesting about this race, as well as many others, is that Ford is more of a “New Democrat” than Bill Clinton was.

    Ford is Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, Pro-God (Gives out cards with 10 Commandments listed on them), Pro-Torture (Voted for Military Commissions Bill) etc. I mean, what does a good Dem have to say / do / believe in order to get elected? Heck, by Wed morning he’ll be saying “If you don’t study hard, do your homework and finish school, you’ll end up being a blow hard, loser Senator from MA!” (Remember, Bush’s GPA was higher at Yale’s than Kerry’s).

    By the way, the race is over there. The only factor that is keeping him in the race is MSM coverage. This will be a an 8-10 point spread by Nov 7th.


    Maybe he can get some help from the Nutroots like Lamont is getting?


  • I think that he is Anti-gay marriage as well. And while we are talking about race, since Cardin’s Dem supporters in MD were throwing Oreo cookies at his African American Repub opponent Steele, maybe someone should throw DINO-saurs (D-Democrat, I-in, N-name, O-Only) at Ford?