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We learned a lot when Harriet Miers was nominated. On our own show several weeks ago, the guys at felt genuinely betrayed, and Republican fundraiser Richard Viguerie was livid. You learn a lot when someone’s bitter enough to let his guard down, and we learned that there are fractures in this gem we call the GOP. Did Miers cause or reveal these fault lines, and where do they run? Can the Republican party be rearranged in time for 2006, or does it even need to be? Forget Fitzgerald; what does the party consist of now, and what’s it going to look like in a year?

Glenn Reynolds

Blogger, Instapundit

Paul Mirengoff

Blogger, Power Line


Ed Morrissey

Blogger, Captain’s Quarters

Megan McArdle

Blogger, Asymmetrical Information

Contributing Editor, The Economist

Ariana Huffington

Blogger, The Huffington Post


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  • avecfrites

    I’d like to understand why big business Republicans make common cause with moral values Republicans. Big business isn’t concerned with moral values. Religion isn’t convened with business. Is it just a marriage of convenience put together by some clever polital strategists? How does it last? What could drive the two apart?

  • bloggeddown

    Good question avecfrites:

    At least partially, the reason why the two intersect could be that science gets in the way of the profits of large multinationals; protection of workers from hazards, effects on health and environment of pollution, these are all things science clearly points to.

    The payback is suppression of personal liberty required to impose religious dogma upon the ‘infidels’, the unbelievers.

    Together, using fundamentalism as anti-science {eg. the Creationism/ID debate} to discredit science as a valid measurement system, and using repression and ‘strict constructuralism’ of the Consitution, the two feed off of each other.

  • Potter

    The larger trend is towards more liberalism I think, so it does make sense that business and religion would band together— the enemy of my enemy…… to try and slow things down and even move us in reverse if possible for as long as possible. That’s also behind the rise in fundalmentalism, ie the fear of this larger trend. What do you think?

  • benchcoat

    once again, I caught the podcast and am weighing in late with post-show dissection–but here goes:

    this was a strange show. the right-wing/GOP bloggers seemed atypical sort of dull and zombie-like. they sounded much like the interchangeable pundits you see on cable television. It felt like the bloggers were playing (or auditioning for) the character of “the pundit” on the show.

    This show made me realize that I’ve been reading fewer right-wing political blogs, although I’m reading a lot of left-wing political blogs. I’m pretty moderate with a strong libertarian streak and can easily find posts that a strongly disagree with on the left-wing blogs, so I don’t think it’s political self-selection. I started reading the politcal blogs because I thought you got a better handle on the issues by reading many different opinions. In my survey of the various blogs after the show, I found that I still enjoy some of the writing of the GOP bloggers, but I found the left-wing blogs to be more vibrant and intellectually stimulating sites. I think the big difference is that it appeared more left-wing blogs allowed user comments and user postings thereby allowing more discussion and argument–and more life.

    On a related note–there seems to be greater contention between the left bloggers and the Democratic Party than between the right bloggers and the GOP. I wonder if this is due to the the current political power dynamic–maybe it would change if the Dems were in power and the GOP out.

    On a different note–I thoroughly enjoy some mostly non-politcal blogs that may be seen as stemming from a conservative world view–such as real-live preacher and many personal blogs. i can’t quite put my finger on why I find the explicitly politcal right-wing bloggers less compelling.