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The Internet just got cool again. Forget the crash. What was a collection of static pages and commerce sites has become a living, breathing conversation. A handful of innovations — tagging, syndication and yes, of course, blogging — have only now become user-friendly. They’re changing the way we communicate. And finally, the doomsday predictions about the old models — of journalism, of marketing, of research — are no longer exaggerated.

They’re calling it Web 2.0, and it will probably change your life. A few people saw it coming all along. Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy, they wrote.

Chris’s Post-Game Analysis

“The revenge of the sources” was a great line from Dave Winer–a powerful capsule of the driving energy in Web expressionism. I loved another good line from KenLac on the blog, that the return to radio sounded like “the old Connection on speed.” It felt so beautiful to be in the middle of a good conversation on the air again, with Mary 2.0 in the control room presiding over another brilliant young staff of skillful strivers. I knew the old magic was working when David Weinberger started talking about his own kids’ formative experience with Web values and Web possibility. It began when he talked about his own “joy” in this space, with David Miller on a headset in the control room prodding me to push David on that joy. I loved it when Dave Winer said that those Chinese kids in the Internet cafes were looking at sex, a lot of them! There was candor here, and the sort of straight talk that is so easy in Web world (part of the Web sensibility we want to marry) that is still rare on public radio. So it felt like a very solid start. Thank you for listening, and for writing and calling. It’s a generous medium this Web space, as David Weinberger has been saying –and as Doc Searls and Dave Winer have been exemplifying–for years. Let’s do it again.

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David Weinberger

Blogger, Joho the Blog

Co-author, The Cluetrain Manifesto

Author, Small Pieces, Loosely Joined

Chris’s 2003 Interview with David Weinberger

From Chris on David

The only blogger I know with serious philosophical training, David Weinberger, may tell us the meaning of it all. Small Pieces Loosely Joined spelled out the changed meanings of time, space, knowledge, community, maybe truth, that come with the Internet.

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Doc Searls

Blogger, Doc Searls Weblog

Senior Editor, Linux Journal

Co-author, The Cluetrain Manifesto

Chris’s 2003 Interview with Doc Searls

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Dave Winer

Blogger, Scripting News

Standard Author, RSS 2.0

Inventor, Podcasting

Dave Winer, at the start of his Berkman Fellowship two years ago, fired wisdom with urgency. Searls and Weinberger conspired in the wake-up Cluetrain Manifesto Among its 95 theses pinned to the church door: “Markets are conversations. Networked markets get smarter faster than most companies.” My reaction was: to hell with markets–what if the networked readers of the New York Times were given an effective way to talk back to the paper and each other?

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Dina Mehta

Blogger, Conversations with Dina

Market researcher, Explore Research & Consultancy

Dina Mehta uses many of the Web 2.0 innovations in her work, and she blogs about them too.

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