October 11, 2006

Wiki Highlights: Michigan Governor's Race

Wiki Highlights: Michigan Governor's Race

Faithandreason‘s work has given Michigan: Governor an early lead in the race for best 2006 Election Wiki page. He’s lined up lists of local blogs covering the race, polling data, and elections resources so exhaustive that you can even find out about a ballot proposal to allow a hunting season for mourning doves.

This is citizen journalism at its finest.

Faith describes the state of the local economy, where the “Big Three” auto companies are packing up and moving on from Flint and Detroit, and Michigan native Amway has opened factories in Guangzhou. He even rolls out his own plan for fighting the downsizing and outsourcing: rally the next governor to invest in education and high-tech job creation so that Michigan can free itself from “manufacturing monoculture.”

The second debate between Dem incumbent Jennifer Granholm and GOPer Dick DeVos was last night (you can watch on C-SPAN), though Faith didn’t tune in. Instead, he cheered his Detroit Tigers through their first game against Oakland for the American League Championship series. Maybe someone who is less invested in the American League can cover the debate for him?

We only guessed at Faithandreason’s gender here; it seems the only space he’s left blank on the wiki is his user page. We guessed wrong and got our pronouns wrong; now we’ve fixed the mistake. If you contribute to the wiki, please update your wiki profile or email greta radiopensource org and give us the short course on who you are. We love to crow about good work, but it helps to know who we’re crowing about.

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  • loki

    Write in Mitt? Can he turn General Motors around like he did the Olympics and the Big Dig?

  • faithandreason

    D’oh! Faithandreason happens to have but one X chromosome and a matching Y to boot. That’s a pretentious midwesternly way of saying that I’m a dude! Actually , I did watch the first 45 minutes or so of the debate, switching to the Tigers to rally them on! Thanks, Greta, for the note, and Brendan for the shout out!