Yes, Now There's a Way to Send Us Money

It’s right here.

As you may have read, Open Source is looking for a new funder this winter. One stumbling block is the old catch at the loan office. You can’t get the money unless you can prove you don’t need it. Which is why we turn, first and last, to you, the Open Source community.

We are talking, in fact, to several grand and visionary non-profit institutions who love this fast, free, open and global Open Source conversation. But among the first things they want to see is the depth and loyalty of the network that is willing to support us with dollars.

Will you let your check-writing fingers do the talking through this transition? The show will go on. Count on it! And help us show that we can count on you, too. We’re a small company; we flip over our copy paper and use it twice, and every bit helps.


7 thoughts on “Yes, Now There's a Way to Send Us Money

  1. I’m good for a very small sum, inversely proportional to my pleasure in this program, at least for now. I don’t have a credit card or a checkbook, so I’ll tuck it in with a fruitcake or something else via the post for Xmas. More when more. Bon chance.

  2. Kind of you to remind people to support the local stations first, but I already donate to WGBH and yours won’t the first program I’ve been happy to support directly.

    The check is written and heading to the mailbox!

  3. Posting this to say that I have donated ‘extra’ to WGBH for programming this show (letting them know it)… and have sent ROS a check in gratitude. What I get back is far more than anything I can pay for…… thank you folks! Keep on keeping on!

    That donations are tax deductible is and should be helpful in raising money.

  4. Can you put a “thermometer” up here to tally how many listeners/readers/posters have contributed. (Not how much or whom)? It would be fun, but also might encourage those who have participated yet.

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