November 13, 2012

Coffee Hour: on A Week in Tunisia

Click to listen to Chris and Mark in a wrap-up exchange on the less-than-revolution in Tunisia (30 min, 12 meg) We’re lifting a ritual from the Cairo novels of the...| More
November 9, 2012

Yasser Jradi: for a “cultural revolution” in...

Yasser Jradi is a Tunisian calligrapher and musician best known for writing an anthem of the 2011 Revolution, Dima, Dima. He says it was the anaesthetic “bad culture” of Ben...| More
November 7, 2012

Nadia Khiari’s “Willis in Tunis”: Born Again...

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with Nadia Khiari (7 min, 5.1 meg) TUNIS — Nadia Khiari is considering my question: what’s the artist’s job in a revolution? She was...| More
November 21, 2005

Postcard from Tunis: Veni, Vidi, Wiki, Wifi,...

Displayed at the airport in Tunis this weekend [Camel Ryder / Flickr] TUNIS — “The place is feeling very post-modern,” says DJ Spooky, the cyber hip-hop oracle and artist also...| More
October 28, 2021

A New Day for Boston

Boston politics has taken a turn. The Last Hurrah was 65 years ago – the classic obituary novel about those noisy Irish rascals who ran City Hall for much of...| More
January 12, 2015

Sven Beckert’s Cotton: Guilty Fabric of our...

For the Delta to become the chief grower of the industrial world’s most important commodity – a kind of Saudi Arabia of the early 19th century – its land had...| More
August 29, 2014

WWI, In 12 Photos

The World War I photographs are as horrible as any current-events coverage Taylor might post, but they're also weird. They have a mood; they are uncanny. You don't know how to dismiss them,...| More
January 12, 2013

Gregory Buchakjian in Beirut: A Course of...

Gregory Buchakjian looks at the Arab uprisings of the last two years and sees not an exception but an extension — at best a pause, not a change, along a...| More
December 29, 2012

Nael El Toukhy: a post-modern novelist’s eye...

Nael El Toukhy is a bright light among Egypt’s millennial writers at a breakpoint in Arab culture as well as politics. On a rooftop in Cairo we’re talking about the...| More
December 27, 2012

Khaled Abol Naga: Egypt’s Best of Times,...

Khaled Abol Naga — movie star and now film producer, too — found his political voice in what was supposed to be a documentary film. “Microphone” (trailers: here and below)...| More
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