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…the entire output for Savile Row in a single year is only a couple of thousand suits… maybe five thousand, ten thousand, tops. This isn’t Burger King, the viral doesn’t have to be massive and huge in order to serve its purpose. It just has to simmer along there, just beneath the surface, spreading almost undetected.

Hugh Mcleod, former advertising creative and current Internet guru, writing in Gaping Void about how Thomas Mahon “advertises” through blogging

Chris’s Billboard

In an age of casual Fridays (and perhaps Mondays through Thursdays), of Banana Republics, and banana republic sweatshops, there are still people out there with tape measures and chalk and scissors, bespoke tailors from London’s Savile Row (and elsewhere) who make clothes the way they would have been made two hundred years ago. One of them is blogging about it.

Anyone — anyone who can afford it, that is — should consider a bespoke suit, according to Thomas. The big reason that someone with means wouldn’t step into his shop is that they’re intimidated. “They feel if they walk in, they’re going to get thrown out because they weren’t recommended by Lord Brocket.” He hopes the blog will take bespoke tailoring — the process, the culture, the language — down to earth. (He’s keeping the price where it is.)

Thomas Mahon

Savile Row bespoke tailor

Blogger, English Cut

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Andrea Siegel

author, Open and Clothed

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