October 17, 2006

Bob Corker's Bold Solution for a Complex Problem?

Bob Corker's Bold Solution for a Complex Problem?

[Tom Ingram] is tasked with achieving victory for a candidate. It is a job he has done before and one he is good at. He needs not believe in anything, other than his ability to manipulate the electorate, to be successful.

Kleinheider, Politics Ain’t About Politics, Volunteer Voters October 4, 2006

Bob Corker has a new website. Why is this interesting? Because Corker (R), who is running against Harold Ford Jr. (D) in the Tennessee Senate race, picked up a new campaign manager — Tom Ingram — after watching his double-digit lead in the polls disappear. Republican Terry Frank of Frankly Speaking describes Ingram as a moderate Democrat; Kleinheider of Volunteer Voters disagrees. Either way, it appears that one of Ingram’s first orders of business was to overhaul Corker’s website to make it a bit more inviting to all visitors.

Corker has done us the favor of leaving both versions of the site up on the web. Corker Before features a red, white and blue color scheme with the slogan “Conservative Principles, Positive Results” and tabs labeled “Taxes and Spending,” “Faith and Family” and “2nd Amendment.” Corker After offers soothing earth tones and a new motto: “Solving Complex Problems with Bold Solutions.” A section labeled “Bob on the issues” features “Bringing Down the Cost of Healthcare” and “Strengthening our Children’s Education” at the top and “Standing Up for Life and Marriage” down at the bottom along with “Protecting our Second Amendment Rights.”

Harold Ford, Jr. is well known as a Democrat who stands on some issues to the right of Reagan; Bob Corker, it seems, is racing to the center as well.

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