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Surely you’ve wondered: what is it from the flotsam and jetsam of our everyday lives that’s going to reveal us to the archaeologists of 3005. Our patio furniture will tell a lot about our materials, our barbecue sociability, our outdoor leisure habits; the way we handle our laundry will also tell a story. Also the podcasts in which people are leaving ideas, for what they’re worth, but also accents, phrasing, unintentional context as fascinating to the future as the handwriting or watermarks on a letter home from the Civil War. Make it a first rule that it’s very very hard to tell what is going to leap out as interesting in a hundred or a thousand years. And then consider in a life drenched in information, what part of it will really inform and document the way we live now. On Open Source: The archives of our time, including the digital trail we’re leaving behind.

Jason Scott

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Grant McCracken


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