April 6, 2007

Be Our Technical Director

Be Our Technical Director


We’re hiring a technical director to do this website true justice; to spend every day working with our producers to link the radio show into the semantic web; to take advantage in a more structured way of all the Flickr photo research and del.icio.us tagging we do; and, most immediately, to see us through a fundamental rethink, redesign and rebuild.

This is a code management gig for the detail-obsessed; it’s also an opportunity to think of fun things to do with smart producers and an insightful audience and then go do them. Map our audience for us. Help us share our reading lists. Come up with a better way for our community to pitch shows.

Do things we haven’t thought of yet.

Open Source is broadcast in major markets around the country; the blog, according to Blogpulse, is consistently among the 500 most-linked-to blogs on the web. We just got a shiny new MacArthur grant to build version 2.0. Come make it happen.

Take a look at our complete job description (pdf) and email hire radioopensource org.

Tell your friends.

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