Black Men in America: Behind the Numbers

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Last Monday we looked at the numbers. To help re-kick-off our race and class series, we looked at the big-picture facts and figures being generated by researchers and academics about the “crisis” of black men in America. We also had a rather intense discussion on the role of culture vs. the role of structural and institutional problems in generating the problems behind the numbers.

Now we’d like to do a follow-up show that gets behind the numbers to the real, lived stories and experiences of black men in America. We’d love to hear your personal stories, like the sort that listener Malcolm Z has graciously shared with us already. What’s your life like? What have your experiences been with education and jobs and employment? What role did some of the cultural forces mentioned in the previous show have on your upbringing? Does your life reflect the stats, or have you “beaten the odds”?

In addition to your own stories, we’d love to hear your suggestions for guests (as usual), and for other ways to explore race and class in America. What other shows should we be doing in this series?

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