Blogsday 2006

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Blogsday was a great show from June 2005. Any interest in doing this again for 2006?

Jon, from a comment to Open Source May 16, 2006

Oh yes there is. Jon is referring to a show from a year ago — listen here — an idea of Chelsea’s that still one of our favorites. Taking as our model Bloomsday, Dublin’s very real June 16, 1904 in which James Joyce’s set his very fictional Ulysses, we took a look at one day of the blogosphere, in our case Tuesday, June 14, 2005. We gathered an hour’s worth of blog posts — about Britney Spears, buying a car, coming home from Iraq, about a night at a barbecue joint — and read them on air.

We’re doing it again.

We’ve started looking ourselves; we found a woman who misses Brooklyn and a man who kills lizards, but there are plenty more to find. We need your help. Think of the blogs you read (and not Andrew Sullivan, either, because we know about him already), the personal ones, the ones that tell stories, the ones that actually give you a little piece of someone’s life. We’re looking for a post, a sentence, anything time-stamped June 6, 2006.

Post a link in the thread below. Also, no fair posting your own blogs; that’s cheating. You have until Thursday.

Update, June 15, 8:00

Left a lot of great stuff on the cutting room floor. If you didn’t hear your blog post, we apologize; we ran out of time at the end of the hour. If it makes you feel any better, we had to cut off the producer credits at the end, too, so we didn’t hear our names, either.

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