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12 Oz coffee w/ milk

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Bloomsday will be observed probably as long as literature in the English language lasts: marking the breakthrough modern novel Ulysses – a sort of performance in prose by the genius James Joyce of the inner life of a Dublin ad salesman, Leopold Bloom, on a single day, June 16, 1904, just a hundred and one years ago. In honor of Bloomsday, we’re reading through a record about 50 blog writers we found in one day’s grazing of one day’s writing, Blogsday, this Tuesday, June 14, 2005.

Blogsday was written to last perhaps but a moment, but it has its own humble integrity, representing the jottings, confessions, sermons and jokes of now millions of writers for the Internet in this country and around the world. No certifiable geniuses that we’ve discovered today, but their range is astonishing: journals of addiction and recovery, soliders blogging home from Iraq, a very fat man in Texas celebrating yoga, people riding the F train under Brooklyn, ruminating on the teaching of poetry and the learning of karate; falling in love, getting dumped, second-guessing the New York Times, savoring barbecue, changing jobs.

Jennie Israel

Actors’ Shakespeare Project

[in the studio]

Greg Steres

Actors’ Shakespeare Project

[in the studio]

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