March 22, 2007

Captain Toby Johnson, Apache pilot

Captain Toby Johnson, Apache pilot

inside Humvee on road to Baghdad

In a Humvee on the road to Baghdad from Kuwait, 2003

Meet Toby Johnson, one of the guests for our Women in War show. After graduating from West Point, Toby became an Army Apache helicopter pilot (in what was probably one of the first all-female crews). During her deployment to Kuwait and then Iraq in 2003, she worked as a battalion adjutant, responsible for personnel administration. She’s now a former Captain and a student at Harvard Business School. These photos she sent us give a glimpse of her life as a woman in the military.

battalion formation

Toby forming the battalion in Kuwait

laundry by hand in Kuwait

Doing laundry the old-fashioned way in Kuwait

inside tent

Inside a tent in Iraq where she slept next to the men

at a pilot brief

In the company of men at a pilot brief in Kuwait

standing next to Apache Longbow

In flight school in Enterprise, AL, next to an Apache

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