May 29, 2014

Chekhov’s World, In Pictures

In his stories Chekhov captured, with an almost photographic talent and simplicity, the look of a country at the end of the day. But he...| More
May 29, 2014

Rosamund Bartlett: Chekhov as a Modern

Speaking of the Russian playwright and short-story master, Rosamund Bartlett is a Chekhovian to the core, a translator of his stories and biographer of his...| More
May 22, 2014

Sebastian Thrun: MOOCs, Angry Birds, and Lifelong...

We're speaking with a hot name in disruptive innovation, Sebastian Thrun. He’s part of our conversation on hacking higher education. He’s the founder of the...| More
May 21, 2014

Derek Bok: The View from the Top

Derek Bok is the only two-time president of Harvard University, which is to say he has twice reinvented the management of the oldest, richest, maybe...| More
May 19, 2014

Art-School Advice: To Go or Not To...

By Max Larkin We’re sending along some free advice for aspiring artists from the ones who’ve made it. Whether to go to school, and for...| More
May 17, 2014

Where Does All That Money Go?

College tuition is rising faster than medical costs, inflation, and certainly the income of 99% of Americans. Four years at a private university now costs...| More
May 15, 2014

Chris Cooper & Marianne Leone: Becoming Actors

For the perspective of experience and solid accomplishment, we're asking two pro’s in the middle of enviable careers what they learned in and out of...| More
May 12, 2014

Dealing in Dreams

We're drilling down on the essential question around the higher ed challenge - namely why does it cost so much, and it is it worth...| More
May 8, 2014

Thomas Frank: The Higher-Ed. Dream Factory

The question, Thomas Frank's and ours: how did higher education, in general, turn from the days of the GI Bill — and the land grant...| More
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