February 20, 2014

Rites of Passage: Docs and Nurses in...

  A new rite of passage is taking hold among ambitious young doctors entering modern practice in a new century. It can take a year...| More
February 20, 2014

Cuba’s Healthcare Revolution

Cuba’s revolutionary vanguard: US medical students Keasha Guerrier, Kereese Gayle and Akua Brown Three winters ago our Open Source trip to Cuba turned around on an...| More
January 16, 2014

The Rise of Modern Medicine

In the annals of Boston medicine two historic chapters in the last 50 years were the near conquest of sudden death by heart attack and...| More
January 16, 2014

Eugene Braunwald: Heart to Heart

Eugene Braunwald, who gets credit for presiding over the modern science of cardiology, is reminding us how little, in fact, the best doctors and textbooks...| More
June 16, 2006

The Good Death

The Doctor has to be comfortable with accepting that death is not their own failure, but that death is a natural event, and that medical...| More
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