May 21, 2012

James K. Galbraith: How Our Inequality Happened

  James K. Galbraith — out on the uneven playing field of American wealth and power — is pointing out the 30-year drift of tax...| More
May 11, 2012

Dan Ariely on the “Irrationality” of American...

Dan Ariely of Predictably Irrational fame, makes the arresting point that from the standpoint of fairness and equity in the distribution of wealth and power,...| More
April 30, 2012

Siddhartha Mukherjee: an innovator in the race?

Siddhartha Mukherjee brings authority and a certain kinship to our conversations on historian Tony Judt and his last words — Ill Fares the Land —...| More
April 29, 2012

Mary Fonseca’s “Letter from Lisbon” : portents...

A friend writes from Lisbon, … as those “Talk of the Town” pieces used to begin in the dear old New Yorker. The friend in...| More
April 27, 2012

Daron Acemoglu on “Extractive” Politics and Us

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with Daron Acemoglu (42 min, 19 meg) Daron Acemoglu pops up in his office at MIT with the big...| More
April 24, 2012

Andrew Bacevich: Here’s who Lost the American...

Andrew Bacevich is marking The Short American Century as the span of less than 70 years between Henry Luce’s momentous 1941 essay in LIFE magazine...| More
April 13, 2012

Jay Rosen on our Media Malaise: Who...

That idea of stories too big to tell, lies too big to take back, an audience hooked on placebos it doesn't believe -- it all...| More
April 13, 2012

George Scialabba: Media Malaise and this American...

George Scialabba flatters and provokes with a comment on Jay Rosen‘s view of dysfunctional media and the Tony Judt thread of Open Source conversations. George...| More
April 11, 2012

Tim Snyder and Tony Judt: another narrative...

  Timothy Snyder, a rising-star historian at Yale (most recently of Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin), is turning up the heat on his friend...| More
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