October 31, 2007

They Got It Right: (6) Shibley Telhami

Can anybody head off a new war that we know will end badly? This is Shibley Telhami’s question at the end of our conversation about...| More
October 29, 2007

They Got It Right: (5) Peter Liberman

On the other hand… Peter Liberman forms his own category in this sampling. Let us call him an Optimistic Realist. Meaning: he doesn’t expect the...| More
October 26, 2007

They Got It Right: (4) Steve Van...

Steve Van Evera — as prolific, engaged, unbuttoned and accessible online as his MIT colleague Barry Posen — foresees a US air assault on Iran...| More
October 24, 2007

They Got It Right: (3) Barry Posen

The nightmare isn’t half over. Barry Posen and Steve Van Evera, colleagues in security studies at MIT, both see a US military strike coming on...| More
October 22, 2007

They Got It Right: (2) Michael Desch

William Kristol — still writing that the Iraq War and the George W. Bush presidency are bound for long-run glory — may be the case...| More
October 19, 2007

They Got It Right: (1) Robert J....

Shouldn’t we be hearing more from the brave sages who pegged the dangers — even called the outcome — of the Iraq war remarkably, precisely...| More
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