August 16, 2010

Real India: Walking the Slum Side of...

Click to listen in on Chris’s slum tour with Brindge Adige. (54 minutes, 26 mb mp3) BANGALORE — Brinda Adige, a self-starting social activist, in...| More
August 12, 2010

Real India: At Koshy’s Cafe, The Talk...

Click to listen in on the conversation at Koshys Cafe. (35 minutes, 16 mb mp3) “… And our nation, though it has no drinking water,...| More
August 11, 2010

Real India: Confidence-building in the new "Women’s...

Click to listen in on Chris’s visit to the Ubuntu workshop in Ramanagar. (22 minutes, 11 mb mp3) RAMANAGAR — We drove out about 50...| More
August 5, 2010

Real India: A historian’s cautions on "the...

Click to listen to Chris’s conversation with the Ramachandra Guha. (58 minutes, 28 mb mp3) BANGALORE — Ramachandra Guha, the provocative, critical historian of India...| More
July 22, 2010

Real India: Social Entrepreneurship as a Family...

Click to listen to Chris’s conversation with the Chhiber-Mathew family. (46 minutes, 22 mb mp3) BANGALORE — Neelam Chhiber met her husband Jacob Mathew in...| More
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