May 23, 2024

Nicholson Baker Finds a Likeness

We’re taking a drawing lesson with Nicholson Baker—yes, the multifarious writers’ writer Nick Baker; the COVID lab leak detective; the pacifist historian of World War...| More
May 9, 2024

Campus Uproar

We’re sampling the uproar rising from American campuses: it’s a full blown, leaderless movement by now, in an established American tradition, but still contested, still...| More
April 25, 2024

American Disorder

The key battle taking place in this American crisis year of 2024 is happening in our heads, according to the master historian Richard Slotkin. He’s...| More
April 11, 2024

Lessons from Hannah Arendt

We’re calling on Hannah Arendt for the twenty-first century—could she teach us how to think our way out of the authoritarian nightmare? Arendt wrote the...| More
March 28, 2024

Taylor Swift’s Tortured Poets

We’re going to school on Taylor Swift, in the Harvard course. And all we know is, as her song says, we’re enchanted to meet her....| More
March 14, 2024

Of Melville and Marriage

We speak of the mystery of Herman Melville, or the misery of Melville, the American masterpiece man. For Moby-Dick alone, he is our Shakespeare, our...| More
February 29, 2024

Against Despair

The subject, in a word, is despair, both public and private. The poets and spiritual seekers Christian Wiman and his wife Danielle Chapman are back...| More
February 15, 2024

The Rebel’s Clinic

Frantz Fanon is our interest in this podcast. The man had charisma across the board in a short life and a long afterlife. A black...| More
February 1, 2024

Algorithmic Anxiety

The question is how digital tech picks and chooses the content that comes to your phones and your brain, or, as Kyle Chayka puts it...| More
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