May 8, 2014

Reading Chekhov VI: “About Love”

Welcome back to my living room. We're reading the story, "About Love," from 1898. Chekhov tells it as a conversation among three men on a...| More
April 3, 2014

Reading Chekhov V: “The Teacher of Literature”

We're reading and gabbing about a Chekhov story called "The Teacher of Literature," published in 1894; Chekhov was 34 years old. It's a story about...| More
March 6, 2014

Reading Chekhov IV: “The Student”

We're in my living room again with a group of friends drinking wine and reading Chekhov, the great short story writer of Russia and the...| More
February 6, 2014

Reading Chekhov III: “Gusev”

Each one of Anton Chekhov’s short stories, like each of Beethoven’s string quartets, can feel like a fresh experiment. They all seem different in size,...| More
January 14, 2014

Reading Chekhov II: “Dreams”

We’re Reading Chekhov stories again with a crew of actors, school teachers, and friends, learning as we go, sipping wine and nibbling cheese and nuts....| More
January 2, 2014

Reading Chekkov I: “Vanka”

“Reading Chekhov” is the name of this game – a podcast experiment and safe indoor sport with, by all accounts, the greatest short-story writer of...| More
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