Chris and Candy, Remixed

In September we did an hour on candy as part of our passion series. Candy was consumed in the office; an expensive chocolate bar was consumed in the studio on air; David even bought me a pack of NECCO wafers, horrified that I had never even heard of them. It sounded to us the night of the show that the whole thing was beginning to sound a little, well, dirty, what with the oohing and aahing and the discussion of hidden pleasure and fetishes inherited from childhood.

We were not the only ones.

A remix of Open Source’s “Passion: Candy”

This comes from Nick van der Kolk of the Public Radio Exchange. Nick noticed that if you removed all mentions of the word “candy,” it becomes completely clear what everyone’s talking about, and that it is not candy they are talking about. Nick also produces the the excellent Love and Radio, a regular half-hour of interviews that re-launched this weekend, so do yourself a favor and subscribe to the podcast.

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