April 5, 2006

Filmed in the OS Studio

Filmed in the OS Studio

Martin Lucas in the OS studio

Josh Levy, Martin Lucas and Robin, Robin looking here very skeptical and Algonquin round table. [Brendan Greeley]

It was my first time on TV — well, captured by some sort of film crew, anyway — and I look slouchy, tired and unkempt: everything my mom never wanted me to be. Chris is great on film, like he keeps a book of aphorisms and a comb in his pocket — which he doesn’t — but, you know, Chris does this all the time.

In February the filmmaker Martin Lucas spent a day with us in the studio at WGBH and in our very green two-room office in Cambridge. Marty produced a ten-minute film, “Many to Many,” a summary of recent changes in media. It’s obviously a tall order; a lot of ink and film have been dedicated to this very topic in the last two years, but Marty picked the right people to explain it, like Dina Mehta and Neha Viswanathan of Global Voices and, of course, us.

You can see the film here:

Click to watch Martin Lucas’s “Many to Many.”

Also, on sound there on the left is Joshua Levy, who blogs at This is really happening and is responsible for the fascinating Bronx blog project. And you can see a whole set of pictures of Josh and Marty in our studio here.

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