October 19, 2006

Flagging Comments

Flagging Comments

We’ve had quite a few requests — particularly from the community on our meta thread — to monitor the comment threads, or at least to do so a lot more actively than we do now. We’ve been remiss here, but we’ve made a promise on this site to provide an atmosphere that allows you to talk to us and each other and we intend to keep it.

We have to, actually. It’s fundamental to the production of this show. So far we’ve been acting like Catholic parents, a little harried with our massive brood and jumping in to punish everyone when it gets too loud.

We’re going to start acting like bouncers. Discussion and disagreement are welcome. Opinions that don’t match those of our host are welcome. Intimidation, name calling and tendentious aggression are not.

For a complete list of rules, see our commenting guidelines.

So to make this process as clean as possible, we ask all of you to email flag radioopensource org (only turn it into an email address) if a discussion gets out of hand. Just send us a link to the offending comment and we’ll make a decision. (To point us to a specific comment, click on the date at the top of that comment. A link will appear in the URL field of your browser.) We may not have time to reply to every email, but we promise we’ll act on them.

If we decide that a comment violates the letter or the spirit of the commenting guidelines, we’ll delete it and replace it with a link to the commenting guidelines.

Notice how I keep linking to the commenting guidelines?

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