Flickr Shock

Me or Flickr, make your choice

[darkmatter / Flickr]

In the world of photo sharing, Flickr is king. We rifle through their files every day to find companion art for our show posts. Sometimes we’ll get so captivated by a Flickr picture that the picture itself will become the story. So we started a ROS group over there a while back. Now that we’ve got a 100-member quorum, it’s time to get things going.

If you like Flickr as much as we do, help us troll. If you find a picture that looks like it’s got a great story behind it, tell us, and we’ll sleuth it out. If you notice a naked show post, help us find its perfect (and CreativeCommons-licensed) match. Or, if you’ve got a camera, take matters into your own hands and become a stringer for us. Post your pictures to the group, tagged with the name of the show they should illustrate.

Jump in here.

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