Generation Alito

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This morning the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Samuel Alito by a 10-8 vote. Now the nomination will move to the full Senate, with a vote expected as early as tomorrow. So as early as tomorrow we may have a new SCOTUS Justice. And with him, a very different looking court. As we say around here, how are you counting to five?

We’re following up our November SCOTUS show. But rather than talking to the usual grey-hairs, we’d like to have on a sample bunch of law students about to begin their careers. What does the conversation sound like amongst the next generation of lawyers, judges, and legal scholars, whose careers are about to be reshaped by the decisions the new court will ultimately hand down? They’re going to be the ones to uphold and/or test the law, maybe even before this very court. What are they talking about? And how are they counting to five?

Ann Althouse


Robert W. & Irma M. Arthur-Bascom Professor of Law, The University of Wisconsin Law School

Open Source guest on the SCOTUS Fight Decoder Ring show

Blaine Evanson

Third-year law student, Columbia University

Symposium Director, Columbia Federalist Society

Senior Editor, Columbia Law Review

Samantha Harper

Second-year law student, Columbia University

Legal intern, Planned Parenthood

President and Co-founder, Columbia chapter of Law Students for Choice

Vice President of Student Fellowships, Public Interest Law Foundation at Columbia

Peter Romer-Friedman

Third-year law student, Columbia University

Former Legislative Representative, United Steel Workers of America

Co-founder, The Worker Rights Consortium

Managing Editor, Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems

Spencer Marsden

Third-year law student, Columbia University

President, Federalist Society at Columbia

Former member, Judicial Confirmation Network

Jason Peilmeier

Second-year law student, Yale University

Co-Author, The Alito Project

Soon to be Student Director, Yale Criminal Defense Clinic

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