Red Sox vs. Yankees: Here we go again

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Yankee and Sox fans make out

The rivalry heats up [Photo lifted shamelessly from Boston’s Weekly Dig]

The stars are almost aligned. But before we can live through another Red Sox-Yankees ALCS, both teams have to get to the post-season. And before that happens: a final, cataclysmic end-of-season fight to the finish. (There’s also the matter of one of them getting the wild card, but whatever. That’s another show.)

For now, we’re talking to Red Sox bloggers and to Yankees bloggers, and we want to line them up for a show and have them go at it. Like a cage match, maybe. So what are your questions? A few for starters:

  1. Whose pitching will stand up? Whose aces will pitch, finally, like aces?
  2. Will the loser of the final series win the wild card?
  3. Are you ready for this, all over again?
  4. Do you care?

Luke Salisbury

Professor of English, Bunker Hill Community College

Author, The Answer is Baseball and The Cleveland Indian

[In our Boston studio]

Jay Jaffe

Blogger, Futility Infielder

[On the phone from New York City]

Ryan Toohil

Co-blogger (“Mullet”), The House That Dewey Built

[On the phone from Boston]

Cllifford Corcoran

Co-blogger, Bronx Banter

[On the phone from New Jersey]

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