Jeffrey Sachs on Kenya

Sachs has got the whole developing world in his ken, but we’re going to start small… assuming that a country with over 31 million people composed of over 70 different tribal groups can be considered small. We’re going to be talking about the macro and the micro: about international investment and hyper-local organizing, the ravages of malaria and the nitty gritty of homegrown mosquito repellent. In short, we want to talk about what’s working in Kenya and what’s not. Sachs will provide the invaluable perspective of someone who travels to all of the developing world hotspots — including the Kenyan village Sauri, where he just spent a few days — and someone who has the ears of both Kofi Annan and Bono.

Jeffrey Sachs

director, the Earth Institute at Columbia University

special advisor to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan

[over ISDN from New York City]

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