Justice Miers: A Blogosphere Scorned

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So a lot of people are just furious. Redstate.org. National Review’s Bench Memos. Bloggers and journalists dedicated to the President, or at least partial to him. No one seems to really understand why George Bush nominated Harriet Miers, and — and this is far more interesting — no one seems particularly inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt any more.

Harriet Miers?? Harriet Miers?? (I have to say it over and over again, because I just can’t believe that it’s true). … Was she the reason I and many of my colleagues stood in the freezing rain on election day in Eastern Ohio to GOTV? …I (and many, many, many other social conservatives) did not vote for him to cut taxes or to go to war, but because of the Supreme Court. …Bush betrayed me and everyone else out there who expected him to fight for the future of Constitutional law, and he should be made to know it.

from an email to National Review’s Bench Memos

Is this it? Can Bush, for the three years left of his presidency, count on support from the right that sustained him for so long with the very hope of determining this Supreme Court pick? We’re talking to conservative bloggers tonight; what about you? You furious? Nonplussed? Is this any worse than Abe Fortas?

Randy Barnett

Professor of Law at Boston University

Blogs at: The Volokh Conspiracy

Erick Erickson

Blogs at: Redstate.org

Richard Viguerie

Pioneer of conservative direct-mail fundraising

Here’s his open letter to President Bush, written yesterday, saying Bush shouldn’t take for granted the votes of his conservative base

John Cole

Blogs at: Ballon Juice

Sterling Newberry

Blogs at: Bopnews

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