Passion: Knitting

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Lisa Williams (here’s her blog: H2Otown) sent us this show idea: “Knitting has made a huge resurgence among urban hipsters, who have meetups in towns and cities nationwide, often in bars, to hang out and knit. There’s even one in a gay bar in South Boston… Overall, they’re “taking back the knit” from frumpiness, making and distributing patterns for sweaters with skulls and crossbones and iPod cozies.” There are also the oldtimers who never knew that knitting had fallen out of fashion–for these guys knitting is beyond fashion–it’s a way of life. Thanks to Lisa, we’ve plunged into the world of knitting and we’ll be exploring it on the airwaves in our next installment in the Passion Thursday series.

Some credit the knitting revival to the internet. Ordering supplies online, knitting chatrooms and blogs are all fueling the craze. Knitting blogger Joe Wilcox, Queer Joe’s Knitting Blog will be joinging us from Albany, NY

Stich ‘n’ bitch guru Debbie Stoller will be joinging us from Gotham City. She’s a relative newcomer to knitting, she started in 1999, and she’s been wrtingKnit-Lit ever since.

And last but not least……joining us in the studio are the husband and wife knitting duo Kevin Lundeen and Elise Goldschlag. They own and operate Flying Fingers . It’s a small shop in Irvington, NY, which is thriving because they are importing not only the finest alpaca but the best clientele. Flying fingers designed the Yarn Bus, which shuttles customers to and from Manhattan, which happens to be 39, 411 yards of yarn away.


Elise and Kevin are actually going to drive from Irvington, NY to our studios in Allston, MA in this spectacular vehicle!

Knitting even inspires poetry:

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Clapotis

QUESTIONS TO LISTENERS: What does knitting mean to you? What’s the best Knit-Lit out there? If you aren’t a knitter was your mother, grandmother, great uncle? What did they make you? We want to hear your stories: 877-673-6767

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