February 8, 2007

Make Your Own Astronaut Contraption

Make Your Own Astronaut Contraption

As we all now know, astronaut Lisa Nowak brought the following items with her on her 900-mile trek to Orlando:

steel mallet

buck knife with four-inch blade

BB gun


six latex gloves


trench coat

pepper spray

adult diapers

at least three feet of rubber tubing

several large garbage bags

As reported in Astronaut charged with attempted murder, Conta Costa Times, February 7, 2007.

Our better mousetrap [Greta Pemberton and Sam Gale Rosen]

We’d love to know exactly what her plans involved, but so far she’s not talking. So instead we’re asking you to put on your thinking helmets — Apollo 13 style — and decide what you could make with this collection of objects. A makeshift air filter? A better mousetrap? Post ideas and explanations below; if you’re particularly industrious, you can send us a photo of your creation. Remember, you can put together almost anything if you have the right stuff.

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