April 11, 2007

Mary's Notes, April 11, 2007

Mary's Notes, April 11, 2007

Listening to last night’s show I missed hearing the audio from Walter F. Murphy’s speech at Princeton — the one about America’s constitional crisis that may or may not have landed him on the Terror Watch List. Here’s a link.

We miss having Brendan on air terribly, but having Chris weave comments from the thread into the show actually seems to get more of them on the air. Greta (I actually called her Grendan this morning), Sam and Julia have been doing an amazing job prepping for Chris.

Brendan is still around these parts. He’s helping manage his transition and finding us a technical director. We plan on taking him out and buying him many beers one night soon. Maybe he and I will try and recreate the tower of shattering glass we built on a table at Casablanca last summer.

We’ve spent some time in our meeting discussing the latest developments in the Imus story and handicapping whether he’s toast or not. Chris thinks he is. Most of the rest of us think he’ll be back with mega ratings in two weeks. He’s still a weasel though.

Katherine is looking into the voter fraud story reported in the Times today. She’s checking in with Andrew Gumbel, our main source for all voting matters.

Robin wants to follow up her anthropomorphism show with one on elephants. Very cool animals it turns out. You learn something new everyday in this job.

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